We are a group of highly skilled professionals in the fields of technology, marketing, operations and business development. Over the past 15 years we have worked with various entrepreneurs, visionaries and companies, and helped them make their dream a reality.

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From project initiation to full blown, turn-key solutions, we employ the latest web & open source technologies to the fullest.


From concept development & market analysis, via design, and up to operation, we offer full product cycle coverage.


We offer strategy development, innovation, branding and marketing services. Real, implementable recommendations and executions included.







    COTTONIMAGES testimonial
    Working with Seraph's team, I have accomplished more in the last two months than I have in the two years prior. Seraph's team came in and revamped the infrastructure of our internal network, fixed malfunctioning code and built (and still building) an internal ERP+CRM system, tailored to our specific needs. All done in a speedy and cost efficient manner. - Scott Hertzbach
    Tin TV testimonial

    Uri Avissar and his team began working with us in a unique project at the network, an interactive Web site that combines the world of television in the Internet world. This process required high-performance capability reflected in the work of Uri and teammates. Uri became a full partner in the site characterization, he led us professionally through all the construction, design and graphics. He was the anchor at interfacing to variance software of different departments. Professionalism, creativity and ability to lead the customer an excellent product stood out clearly at every stage. Uri and Evelyna, we thank you both and each separately, for being an integral part of the project, for the patience and understanding, for the long hours, the immediate response to the endless requests.

    Thank you for making the site a great success sweeping many compliments from customers. You did it - big time! - Moran Sasonov, Niv Lior

    LGM testimonial
    Seraph has taken over the development and maintenance of all of group's sites:
    as well as other smaller sites. Their response time and quick work, as well as efficiency and professionalism has helped us significantly to improve, sustain and develop our brand's online presence. - Reuven Mednik
    Soil Remediation testimonial
    Seraph's team, led by Uri Avissar and Evelyna Kushelevich have managed the development of the web site for Israel's National Soil Remediation Project (פרויקט שיקום קרקעות המדינה). Their professional approach, from design to execution, combined with endless patience and understanding, were key factors in the success of this project. - Danny Hojman, CIO
    Crowdmii testimonial
    Uri is, for all intents and purposes, our CTO. He and his development team have fulfilled our expectations to the utmost degree and more, sharing with us their extensive experience in overcoming various technological, operational and business challenges that we have encountered in our mutual venture. - Yishai Fuchs
    Buzzwok testimonial
    Quick and professional. Helped me out when I had problems with my site and didn't 'let go' until I was in the clear. Highly recommended. - Adib Zaher
    Ordanco testimonial
    Seraph's team has stepped in and cleaned and fixed several of my sites in a professional and quick manner. Furthermore, whenever I need some technical advice or assistance for one of my clients, they are always available and always willing to help. Even when my website was hacked, they responded quickly and resolved the issue in minutes. - Oren Tocker
    Adam Milo testimonial
    Uri and his team has provided us with invaluable insight into 'how to do things right' with our operational, technological and business processes. - Dima Mezheritsky
    Magen Israel testimonial
    Seraph's team designed and built our site in record time and within budget, going beyond what was expected from them. - Yair Zehavi
    Sphereup testimonial
    Seraph's team assisted us in creating our own Wordpress theme for our corporate web site. Like any stressed startup, we gave them hell....and they delivered, no questions asked. Quick and professional, as advertised. We actually learned a lot from working with them and I have a feeling we'll be working with them for while. -Yonatan Lev Ari